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Life is busy

ldsmith's picture
on December 3, 2009 - 4:31pm

So I haven't been back on the boards for almost a month, but things have been so busy. Work (I teach), getting ready to direct a play with a local theatre company, Thanksgiving (went to see my sister in FL and since she and her husband work for Disney, I got in free! I'm such a big kid sometimes!) and now getting ready for Christmas. It's going so fast.

The drive down to FL was made totally bearable by plugging in the iPod and listening to my music, a huge chunk of which was Josh, of course. Thanks for making the ride easier, my friend! On the way back, finally gave in to the need for Christmas music and of course, NOEL was the first thing on the playlist to be listened to.

Well, I'm going to explore this site some more, but here's to all the Grobanites! May your holiday season be a warm and loving one!


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