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it isn't a meet and greet

OhhhLenore's picture
on November 5, 2015 - 10:17am

Sincerely glad so many people had such a great time. Just a warning: never BUY a Meet & Greet package! Never do it. It is not a meet and greet. It is only a 3 second photo op, being shoved into the spot before the next person has even left, being told not to talk or anything, just get out because verrrry long line. And the photo is so bad you can never look at it, much less share it. And in between, for 3 hours you have to stay in a room that is like a junior high gym, with a few sandwiches that look like leftovers and a little bowl of salad that looks like it spent the afternoon in the trunk of someone's car. And you can't leave, even to go buy a glass of wine or a program. For over $500 dollars. It must be different for the invited guests, but the rest of us have been fans for years too, and looked forward to this for over 6 months, and are crushed.

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