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One of Those Days

Lieffie_Gabi's picture
on May 28, 2010 - 5:40am

I am having a bad day again and it has nothing to do with my hair or my shoes... I still cannot accept or get used to the thought that I might never become a mom. The clock is ticking as they say and after so many tests and stress I cannot accept the option they offered us, it's just going too far for me. I really hope we will be able to adopt a baby... maybe I'm being selfish or stubborned but I'd really like a child as young as possible. I think I should just trust God more on this and let Him guide us to do the best about this. If've seen so many times that wonders do happen, if only I would have the wisdom, patience and peace of mind to wait for whatever may come!
I'm so happy i always have music and I am so grateful for all the other blessings... I'll never be able to count them!

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