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on January 17, 2011 - 12:36pm

So today I'm hearing news of a storm known as the "ARk-storm"
( ) and it's a storm for California so I'm happy Josh moved to New York or all us "Grobanites" would have to pull off a rescue mission! Its danger is supposed to be a match to hurricanes in Florida, so I hope everyone gets out okay and listens to all warnings. "Hope for the best, plan for the worst..."
I recently posted a video for Josh's contest for Hidden Away covers and I'm over 2,000 views! I'm excited to hear news of the winners already! Its way past the deadline but I will try to stay hopeful.
I've been listening to his new album and trying to get translations to some of the songs. My favorites right now ( they change everyday) would have to be Galileo (Someone Like You), The Wandering Kind (Prelude), and Você Existe Em Mim.
Lastly, I will mention that this is my first journal of many and I'm excited to be on again as a member! I will take advantage of all goodies available, and I can't wait to buy tickets to the next tour... I really want to meet him again!

-Hope to make some new friends, Miki

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