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[Fanacc] Josh Groban Concert, Paris, 10th June 2013

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on June 27, 2013 - 12:55pm

Before The Show

With some Grobies from French forum, we have organized a small before-concert-meet-up at the restaurant next to Grand Rex. We had lunch and Gayle had brought quiet a lot of GFC items. Even though we didn’t raise a lot, but we’re proud to be able to do something for GFC.

Before the lunch, some of us got lucky to see Tariqh and took pictures with him. Josh came a bit later, it was just a quick hello and he went in.

In the afternoon, while waiting outside, I saw Christian Hebel coming out from Grand Rex. There were a lot of Grobies but I think nobody paid attention. Christian was soooooo tall, gentle and nice. He agreed to sign for me and we took a picture. When he was about to leave, I suddenly remembered that from French forum we had cards prepared for him. Actually it was the same type card we gave him for 2011 tour, but he lost his, and asked if we could make another set for him.

So when he left, I ran to the girls and told them. They all ran to the direction Christian went. And catch him up when he was taking pictures of Métro. We had a great talk, some took pictures with him. And he left for picture hunting, promised to be back later to take beers and cards.

While waiting in front of the Grand Rex, I had a great time meeting up some new face grobies. It was fun. There were a lot of American grobies, I guess, if I didn’t say hello, forgive me, I might not recognize you.

André Manga came out later to see his family. Like always, kiss on the cheek with French Grobies is a must. I helped all to take pictures with him, it was quick but the crowd was getting bigger, I guess André was amazed too, so he left to talk with his family. Of course we stopped to bother them.

Those who won Meet and Greet for Paris show went inside, some were new ones, some were second/third times winners. I was a bit proud that there were at least 3 men among the winners! Rare. I should say that Josh quiet have fanboys in France.

This time, we didn’t get to see Dennis or Darren before the show. I think they were busy inside.

Later, we started to distribute some glowsticks to whoever came to Grand Rex for concert, telling them to wave it at the refrain of Brave. But well, some have cracked their glowstick before the show even started.

Show Time

I got lucky on presale, 3rd row center, had a great view of everyone on stage.

We had Coby Grant as the opening act. She sounded sweet. Cute love stories. Ruslan Sirota accompanied her on one song.

We had to wait for a while for Josh to come out.

He started with Brave and the audience waved their glowsticks. Then followed with False Alarms, this song is really nice, first time listening to the song live.

Josh was as funny, cute as always. When he finished the first 2 songs, he saw the glowstick ball that one of us made, and asked if he could have it. Curious and cute. Later in the evening he threw the ball back to the audience, guess what, it landed in my hands. [Insert happy fangirl here] I didn’t even jump to get it. The ball flied into my opened hands. It’s nothing of course, but still…

The translation by André part was really fun too. André really has a deep womanizer voice. Josh sang and played piano for February Song, and then accompanied by Daniel on Un Alma Mas. Vincent was so beautiful! I remember talking about Vincent with Gayle at the restaurant; it’s been a long time since I heard this song live. Then Alla Luce Del Sole, one of my favorite.

Q&A, Isabel got her question answered, asked his favorite shower song. Jenny who won Paris M&G got her question answered too. Sandy and Walter, what a sweet couple!

Then the show continued with The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, Sincera and Hollow Talk. Sincera was really powerful! I loved it! Christian was awesome on his solo!

Josh drumming part and we danced to Voce Existe Em Mim, followed by the beautiful Falling Slowly, Happy In My Heartache. To Where You Are brought tears to my eyes, one of my forever fave! We danced again and had fun on Machine. I Believe came up next, a really really beautiful song! My heart was aching because I knew, it was nearly the ending! We had Awake as encore, followed by You Raise Me Up. He went it and came back later, because we were crazily screaming. The first 10 rows had a piece of paper written either See You Soon, or Come Back Soon. He saw it and looked like appreciated it. And sang Smile, a great song to end the show.

Here is the complete set list: (thanks to Emilie Halgrain)

False Alarms
February Song
Un Alma Mas
Alla Luce Del Sole
he moon Is A Harsh Mistress
Hollow Talk
Christian’s Solo
Voce Existe Em Mim
Falling Slowly
Happy In My Heartache
To Where You Are
I Believe (When I Fall In Love)
Encore :
You Raise Me Up

All I can say is that Josh was really in a good mood, he was so playful, jumped around. The Groband was awesome, what a great team Josh has this year; everyone had fun on stage and enjoyed themselves. The atmosphere was great too. The crowd (not only French Grobies but everyone who was in Grand Rex) was so willing to join the party. We danced, we sang along, we jumped, we screamed along and of course we cried too. The energy that night was so great! Josh and the Groband rocked Grand Rex.

FACT: Josh Groban does sound better, LIVE!

This is not my first Josh Groban concert, but again and again, I’m amazed by his powerful voice. And most of all, the way he sings, he really means every words. And I love how he is now more relaxed when he’s in France! Before All That Echoes, I always got some kind of feeling like he wasn’t really at ease to sing in front of French audience. It got better on Straight To You Tour, but this time, he looked so relaxed, and enjoying himself, having fun on stage.

I was really touched when he mentioned how he loves to come back to Paris (of course he says the same thing in every city he goes), but what came after that sentence did make it different.

He’s sorry that there’s not a lot of music program in France that he can come back to do his promo. (Fact, we don’t have any musical tv show anymore!) The last one Chabada will be canceled this coming autumn. He really read our tweets! We tweeted this before to him, even if he can’t do anything (like signing the petition or anything) the fact he mentioned it in concert, really meant a lot for us!

[I tweeted to Chabada’s host to tell her that Josh mentioned Chabada in his concert]

Drumsticks, Stephanie and Jérôme from the first row got them.

When the show ended, I really felt that Josh, the Groband loved and enjoyed Paris show very much and so did everyone at the Grand Rex. It was too short, I didn’t realize it was ended already. Well, of course I knew when he sang I Believe, I mentally noted that OMG in a few song, this all would be a just a sweet memory.

After the show

We went outside to wait for Josh.

While waiting, I got the chance to call Daniel Rosenboom to come to the fence. He signed for me, but I didn’t dare to ask for picture. Later, Dave DiCenzo came out too. He was so nice to come to the fence as soon as I called him. He signed for me and left to wait for their bus.

Christian came out to say hello, he left to the other side of the fence, and came back to tell us, that people at the other side didn’t recognize him, so he went back to us! LOL He signed for many of us.

Darren came out again to give us some instructions. He kinda smiled when I said his name.

And Josh finally came out too. He was in good mood, signed a lot. Took time to answered questions and shake hands. When he saw me, [insert giggling happily fangirl here], he recognized me, said,”Hi, it’s you.” All I could was to congratulate him for the show, that it was indeed a great one. And then he started to talk about the baguette pen we gave him at the Chérie FM Radio interview. O God, how I always forget how to speak English when I see him? [insert OTL fangirl here] All I could do was nodding and smiling. I wanted to tell him, that it was not from me alone but from all of us (some of us were at the fence too) but I could do was pointed my friend on my right side. Not a word came out, some cats must have eaten my tongue! [Insert desperate fangirl here] I left him to talk to himself, about a pen that he nicely remembers from whom. He told us that he still keeps the baguette on the shelf, that it’s indeed the one he likes and will treasure it! I have never thought he would talk to me!

[If you’re reading this, Josh, I am so sorry to leave you in that awkward situation talking to yourself. I could only look at you and nod and smile. I really wanted to say that we appreciate that you still keep the baguette pen! <3… yep, I know he’s not reading this XD]

And then, he continued to sign for others. When he had finished with left side fence, he went to the right side fence. There were more people there. He stayed for a long time before leaving with his bus.

I wanted to stay for Tariqh too. While waiting, I got the courage, to wave to Dave again, to tell him to the fence again. He came! Such a nice guy! I had a picture with him. And told him to get Daniel for me. My friends were teasing me, because I kept repeating that Daniel is my birthday buddy! LOL So, I had my picture will Daniel too.

[Side note: I think it was a bit sad that people want to see only Tariqh, Christian, Ruslan and Andre. There were many grobies around me when I asked Daniel & Dave for autographs and pictures, but there was only me who did, nobody followed me! :unsure: I am glad that finally in Brussels grobies did ask for Daniel, Pete and Dave too :lol: ]

People started to leave, because Tariqh took a long time to come out. I left the fence to go to the other side, asked Daniel if he had seen Ruslan and the others. And suddenly I saw Ruslan at the other side, ran there to get him signed for me and a picture too. [See my picture with Ruslan below, the running effect.. great hair do for picture :D ]

Then, ran back, because Christian came out. I helped friends to take pictures, didn’t dare to ask for a second one myself. He is sooooo nice! He talked a lot, was so nice to a little girl who plays violin too. He got our cards and beers. It was such a agreeable moment!

Tariqh came out later, there were so many people who wanted to take a picture with him. He signed for me and a picture too. Sigh, he is so tall! Figure this, the cat gave me back my tongue, when Josh left! I managed to talk to musicians! Told them that they did a great job, that we all loved the show! Even told Tariqh that he looks younger and younger every time I see him! I guess the cats love my tongue only when I see Josh! Josh only!

When Tariqh left, I went to see André, got him signed for me and a picture too, of course thanked him for all, kiss on the cheek (We have to, can’t say Au revoir without it) He went to see his relatives and friends later. I saw him presenting Tariqh to those people. Maybe some musicians too.

The musicians’ bus was there. When some crew came out, I asked him if he had seen Pete Korpela. He said that he had no idea where’s Pete. But he went inside and about 3 seconds later, Pete went out smiling. Imagine how happy I was. Got him signed my ticket and took a picture too. Then he went inside because the bus is leaving. We all waved good bye, would see them soon in Brussels.

It was a magical night! The best concert I have ever had! Perfect from A to Z.

Thank you Josh, Groband and Grobies <3

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