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on October 31, 2011 - 6:00pm

That fame whore Kim Kardashian has exceeded all expectations on how short a "marriage" can last....she's 30, this is her third time around the track, you'd think she'd know better than to rush into marriage after a few months. what an idiot! what a group of idiots on that show! she adds nothing of value to anything at all in this world. she is a trumped-up, no-talent pretty girl (thanks to plastic surgery, heavy make-up and money). i could go on and on about how disgusted i am with the way the media treats her like she's actually got something of importance to contribute to society besides her boobs and butt. i have no pity whatsoever for her over her divorce (i think the marriage was fake anyway---she wanted to be Kate Middleton and was willing to stop at nothing to get the spotlight) and there was the media, lapping it up like it was nectar from the gods! she's a pox on the institute of real marriage, mocking it as she does for the attention. what a stooge her husband is---i'm guessing he got a big check prior to the wedding, since the pre-nup is supposedly airtight.

it's really hard to be head would be spinning if it were anatomically possible.....

and now we'll have to see it in the headlines for months to come....barf,barf,barf.....

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