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on December 26, 2009 - 10:33pm

the holidays are such a rush-rush-rush to get everything right and then, are over in the blink of an eye, leaving me feeling like i just missed the train.....

we got together with the family for six hours or so....not a lot. it's always been such fun, but something about this year was just one stayed late, everyone packed up and left early. it seemed like there were things people didn't want brought up, and so, left before these questions could arise....for example, did ms newlywed get a boob job??? have one couple separated, but are trying to keep it hidden??? did you know one niece's baby-daddy isn't here because he's got TWO other illegimate kids and he's seeing them this christmas??? why is that creepy "friend" of the host here??? and is he purposely being an arse just to stir things up???

the gift exchange game of selecting and stealing wasn't even fun. no one seemed to be excited about anything but eating. so, it was dinner, presents and one had dessert. Granted, there were trays of cookies, candy and M&Ms around, and people may have gotten their fill on those, but not one of the four different pies was even touched. this is not like our family. we're eaters, from the very thinnest to the heaviest.

it wasn't the weather---it was clear and smooth sailing for travel. it was just odd, and i thought it was just my perceptions, but my kids mentioned it, too.

it's very sad....we used to be such a rollicking bunch. i hope it's just an odd blimp on the radar, and not an indication of things to come in future years.

hope your holiday was better......

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