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on November 20, 2009 - 10:53pm

it's baking season. are you ready? i am!

i have stores of flour, sugar, spices, nuts, chocolate chips, canned pumpkin, cream cheese, apples, cranberries, bananas and oranges, all waiting to be baked into a quickbread, or cookies, or coffee cake. i combed thru a bunch of my cookbooks and my trusty recipe box to find the tastiest-sounding muffin youngest is bringing home from college a couple of friends for thanksgiving, and i want them to leave with not only a full stomach, but plenty of leftovers and goodies---you know college boys, they usually don't cook for themselves....let alone bake. and i have another son here at home to feed, too, as well as my daughter's boyfriend, who will want to take home some goodies, too. so, i'm gearing up for a weekend of flour-dusted clothes, cinnamon-and-spice aromas wafting thru the house, and enough carbs and calories to choke a horse, stuffed into ziploc bags and frozen for next weekend......who needs turkey???

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