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best of a bad situation

lindyjean's picture
on June 30, 2011 - 3:00pm

i just had some surgery on tuesday....not how i would have preferred to spend my tuesday, but it was necessary so, you do what you have to do. if anyone needs to go to a hospital, and i really hope you don't, i cannot say enough about the amazing folks at UCLA. i've been there for tests and now, the surgery, and everyone who works there is smiling, ready and eager to help, and just all-around wonderful. i can't say enough about them, or the facility. i worked in a hospital more than 30 years, so i think i can recognize a good one, and trust me, from an insider's position, this place is A+++.

i never went to a regular hospital room afterwards, but to a special unit that does nothing but support the post-surgical patient. i had a cubicle, not a room, but it had a TV and table and chair for my HOG to sit in. it has a very heavy curtain that effectively blocks out most sounds coming from other cubicles and other patients' TVs or machine sounds. you don't feel like you're just in a cubicle because it is very private and quiet. you have a nurse who does your vitals, one who gives you meds, one who is the main caregiver, bringing me ice, water, helping me with any little thing i needed. and then there is the charge nurse, who, i guess, makes sure all the other nurses are doing their jobs properly (which, of course, they are). then there are the teams of doctors who wander thru---the surgery team, the anesthesia team, and the surgeon himself. i was discharged home the next morning without needing to go upstairs for further observation, and as soon as my HOG got there, there was a young lady waiting with a wheelchair to take me out the door. no waiting, no muss, no fuss.....they even have valet parking.

so, kudos to UCLA hospital and its staff.....i hope you never need their services, but if you do, rest easy in their care.

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