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bullying comes in many forms

lindyjean's picture
on March 2, 2012 - 2:13pm

there is a thread on the boards about a fan whose friend was murdered for being gay. there are websites posted to get support and info if you are the victim of gay bashing or bullying. but what about this other form of bullying that's in the news? this push against allowing women access to birth control??? if that's not bullying, i don't know what is.

rush limbaugh is spouting off at his foul mouth (AGAIN!), calling a georgetown woman student a slut because she spoke up for a woman's right to choose her reproductive options. he thinks that if you take contraceptives, you are a slut. Really? REALLY???? there are many reasons for taking the pill, but even if there wasn't, what a woman does with her body is no one's business but her own. just like it's none of my business when men can't get it up and take viagra or one of the other erectile dysfunction pills. i understand, as a reasonable person, that a good deal of erectile dysfunction is caused by other medication side effects, hypertension, enlarged prostates, etc. if a guy takes the little blue pill, i don't call him a dirty old man (or worse). why can't men understand that oral contraceptives do more than just prevent pregnancy??? i took the pill because, after 3 c-sections, my OB doc said no more (too hard on my body, and i didn't want more kids). later, i had to take them long after my husband had had a vasectomy (because the catholic hospital i worked for wouldn't let me get my tubes tied when i had my last child, but that's a whole 'nother tirade) because every month, i bled so bad i couldn't leave the house for a day and a half. birth control was the last thing on my mind, but those pills eased the flow and allowed me to not miss two days of work per month.

but, as i said, if birth control pills were ONLY used to prevent pregnancy, no man should have the right to tell any woman that she can't make her own decisions about her body and her reproduction history. this is bullying, make no mistake. it is also a huge violation of personal rights, the most basic of rights, IMO. i had a male biology teacher in the early 70s who said, "if men had always been the ones to give birth, there would have always been safe and legal birth control available, abortion would have always been an option, and paid leave after having a baby would be six months." he added that it wouldn't even be in the political arena for discussion, because men would have long before demanded it be a non-issue. he's so right.

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