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cold for california

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on November 30, 2009 - 10:50pm

it's about 34 degrees outside my back door right now....i'm in california, on the coast, no less, so we don't get cold like the rest of the country does, but for us native prune-pickers, 34 IS cold. my cats have been inside since 5 PM. they'll have to get booted outside to do their cat business before i turn in, and they won't like it. but it's either that, or have them wake me around 2 AM needing to go out. i should just set up the rainy days litter box and forget about it.....

so, tomorrow is december....time to get out the xmas decorations, and listen to xmas songs...i defiantly refuse to listen to even, "Noel" until after thanksgiving. it's just not right, in my opinion. I love fall, and hate to put away my fall decorations, even for something as lovely as xmas. but i took them all down and stowed them away over the weekend. i'll get the xmas stuff this week. I have a ton of the stuff. too much, actually.

with tomorrow being december, maybe i'll win a signed calendar. probably not, but one can hope. some 20 lucky fans will....good luck to all of you out there.

got my vinyl album of Awake's two discs...they put 2-3 songs on each side....why? i know the songs of my youth were seldom longer than 3 minutes, and most of josh's are in the 4-5 minute range, but even'd think they could get more than 3 songs on a side....i won't open it, even though i'm tempted. i don't have a turntable anyway.

that's all....

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