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down to the wire

lindyjean's picture
on December 18, 2010 - 12:58am

chirstmas soon....i'm as ready as i'll ever be....i don't stress over it anymore. we have to travel down to Orange County for christmas eve. the rain that is predicted to be around all week is supposed to be gone that day, so that's good. in normal traffic, it's about a 3 hour drive from our house to the relatives, but we've had it last as long as 5 1/2 hours some xmas eves....stuck on the 101 freeway, along with other holiday travelers, trying to keep a smile on our faces, and not curse at the jerks who jump lane after lane just so they can get two car lengths ahead.

life is essentially family is healthy, we are all somewhat employed (not fully, but not out of work), and no one has a broken heart or is lonely. i try to give to the bell ringers outside most stores, and to the humane society. it's not much, but in my heart, i know they appreciate whatever they get, and if a lot of others in my same boat do the same, well, it adds up.

right now, i have a recipe dilemma. one of the dishes my husband and his brothers grew up with is a meatball-lima bean casserole his grandma used to make. the problem is, you need Fordhook lima beans, not baby limas, and no one carries them anymore, so, i haven't made this dish in a couple of years. at our family potluck on xmas eve, i wanted to bring it. i know my family loves it, but those who are convinced lima beans taste terrible won't try it, but i don't care. I know my brothers-in-law would love it,and it would remind them of their grandmother and mother. so, i'm going to every store in town to see if i can find these beans. they have to be frozen, not dried or canned. this is causing me more stress than any other aspect of xmas.......crazy...i'm even venturing out of town to find them.......i have my heart set on making this, but if i can't locate Fordhook limas this weekend, i'll have to make something else....

i hope you all have a wonderful holiday....i can't believe it's already crept up on me again......and soon, it'll be easter..................

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