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hello, my name is ebenezer scrooge.

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on December 21, 2009 - 12:30am

we are having a family get-together xmas eve. this is great. i love my husband's side of the family and cherish the time we get to spend together, which is now relegated to this one holiday.

like so many others, money is an issue for us right now. not so much myself and my husband, but for our kids and their significant others. so, i told the family we would not be participating in the gift exchange on xmas eve. so now i've got relatives sending me emails telling me that we HAVE to participate, since it's tradition and they have financial problems, too, and they're managing to kick in, so why can't we??? one went so far as to say that we would be ruining the xmas family tradition if we didn't do it, too.

well, i don't feel that i have to share with them that my fulltime job has now shrunk to half that, and that two of my three kids are unemployed or underemployed, and i'm paying their bills for them. or that their significant others are also struggling and i don't want to embarrass them by saying so? It's none of their business as to the details of why we aren't participating in the gift exchange! but they see nothing wrong in badgering me about it. i'm to the point where i just want to say no because i'm angry at them for being so pushy about the entire issue.

and, i was also given notice that we are expected to also provide gifts for the child born to my niece last year, out of wedlock, because she has no money to give her baby much. i know it's not the baby's fault, and i had planned on getting her something, but just one thing, not plural gifts. i resent the hell out of being ordered around where my personal finances are involved, and i just couldn't even answer the emails because i was so angry. i knew i'd say something i'd regret, so i just said nothing.

so i'm the bitch who is ruining xmas....

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