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holiday aftermath

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on November 28, 2010 - 1:17am

we had our thanksgiving celebration on friday, instead of was just better logistically, and i don't mind moving it a day or so. so, since i am the chief cook and bottle washer, i was cooking from thursday afternoon til late at night, and then up yesterday to do the finishing tasks. i do a mean turkey dinner, if i do say so myself. i learned from my mom, so, it's part tradition, part homage to her. she used canned cranberry, though, and i make it from the berries themselves. and i also brine the bird, which is not a big deal for prep, but is awkward with a big bird.

anyway, the food is good and we all have a good time. and today, i was pooped out.

but the best is the being together. my kids all live either at home, or nearby. even so, we seldom sit down to a dinner all together. when we do, even if it's just a casserole, it's a good time. it's one of the things i'm most grateful for, and i have a really long list of things i am fortunate to have. we all love one another, but, almost more importantly, we all LIKE each other. we get along. there is no drama or pettiness. there are only laughs and silliness at these times. i love it.

now, it's late and time for me to hit the sack. i just had a turkey sandwich, and it was delicious. tomorrow, i may tackle the changing of the decorations. it's a shorter span between the two holidays, so, no time to waste to give the xmas things their moment in the spotlight. i'll get a tree next weekend, when my husband leaves town. i take a long time to decorate, and won't be putting him out if i take over the living room for an entire day (or so). but right now, the bed and book i'm reading are calling.....

hope everyone had a fantastic holiday.

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