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i'm back

lindyjean's picture
on August 8, 2010 - 12:08am

hello all.....i am back from the mountains....we had a blast. while i didn't get the nature fix i was looking for, i got a whole week with my family--all of them--and that was more soul-satisfying than a month in the trees, so, i'm a happy gal.

we tubed down the Truckee River one day, went into Reno another afternoon for an evening baseball game at a minor-league stadium. I got to tour the northern end of Hwy 49--the Gold Country---even did some gold-panning (i made more money from the dime i found in a parking lot, though!). i went to farmer's markets and a craft fair, hoping to support the locals. My sons hiked, my hubby kayaked (alone and with the sons), and we relaxed and ate too much!!! the house was lovely, with every amenity. the weather was perfect, and the mosquitoes stayed away. on the way home, i hit the southern Hwy 49 section, and my boys, who were traveling with me, indulged me and graciously didn't complain as i regaled them with historical tidbits.

i'm home tonight, and looking forward to sleeping in my own bed. my cats are ignoring me, probably mad that i left them alone, but i'm happy to see them.

i'll get caught up on everything tomorrow....goodnight!

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