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it's hard being a mom

lindyjean's picture
on December 10, 2009 - 7:42pm

my beautiful daughter is one of those young adults who did everything right....she has never caused me one bit of trouble, she got good grades, went to college, got her degree and decided to become a teacher, like her father, her grandfather, grandmother, great uncle,'s in her blood. so she got her teaching credential, and just when she finished up, the economy tanked. people always said, "we always need teachers"....well, guess we don't, cuz a bunch lost their jobs this daughter took a near-minimum-wage job in a store, and continued subbing. well, she took a short-term sub job as a PE teacher (a position she held for a year during her credentialling process), and then was called by the district, offering her a job for January thru May, doing PE at another school. She was so happy, not only for the steady income, but because she feared being lost in the shuffle of all the budget cuts at the school district. So, they gave her a starting date, her hours, and wages, and she was quite relieved. then, the next week, they called her and told her they had to "fly" the opening (open it to other applicants), but told her not to worry. so, she goes to her interview with confidence. they did not call her to finalize their decision, but she was still confident...until she got the letter today telling her she didn't get the job. so, i saw the envelope first, and just knew. my heart broke before she ever opened the letter. i've been screwed by the same district (my HOG works there), in a situation much the same as what she just went thru. it's one thing for them to dink around with me, but not my daughter. i'm so angry at them, i can't sit still. she was counting on this job. it's one thing to hope you get it, but to be told you have the job, then have it snatched out from under you is just plain cruel. she's been so happy being back at a school (doing her subbing), and she was so thrilled to think she would get to stay. at first, she said she was okay, that she'd sort of expected it when they didn't call her to tell her she had the job. but within a few minutes, she was crying, and it's one of those hurts a mom can't do anything about. she's been depressed, nursing a back injury, but she'd been doing great, and now,'s been so nice to call her up and hear happiness in her voice after all the pain she's been having (since summer). Now, she's going to be in a funk again, and jobs are no easier to find. i know she's home now, crying her eyes out to her boyfriend and being overwhelmed with dread about not knowing where her money is coming from in january. so sad....she did everything right, and she's having such a hard time.....

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