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job stress

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on May 4, 2011 - 8:00pm

in this economy, i'm lucky to have a job, i know that, and really don't like kvetching about mine when so many others would love to have it. but, having said that, i have to blow off a little steam either indulge me or click off this entry....but if you read on, i'd love your input.

the job itself is not the problem. here is the problem. there are only three of us who work in this doctor's office---the front office woman, the medical biller, and me, the transcriptionist. the biller has been mostly out of work for the past year+ on two different work comp issues---frankly, i think there is some malingering going on, so my sympathy has gone by the wayside by now. the receptionist is a medical train wreck----bless her, she shows up every day and does her job, but she's at the end of her rope and is going to quit. i can't say i blame her---the two of us have been having to do the billers job in her absence and this other woman has just reached that breaking point. my problem is, she is going to quit---she and her husband are moving out of state in the middle of july. they've given notice to their landlord, so, it's in the works. I don't begrudge her quitting, but it's how she's doing it....she knows NOW that she's going, but she won't give the doctor more than a 2-week notice. that's barely time to find someone, let alone train them adequately. if they leave another job and give two weeks notice, there won't be any training going on. another fly in the ointment---her timing is such that she's giving notice and the next week, the doc is going on vacation, so he won't be able to find anyone before he leaves. so there will be just me....i don't know the front office ins and outs. i don't know the Medicare billing,or how to get all the insurance stuff in line. i can barely make appointments! and i don't think i'm qualified to "train" someone when i have so little idea of what to do. it's going to be one royal cluster****,to say the least.

i have asked her to give a longer notice, so that someone can be hired and come in and train with her, but she refuses. i don't know why exactly, but she just says she is too tired to care, and too tired to train someone, so, she doesn't want to. she's also worried the doc will just let her go right then and there, and she's counting on every paycheck to make her move. the one out on medical leave ain't coming back anytime soon, so while she COULD train a new person, she's gone and can't be part of the equation. and while it's not technically my problem because i wasn't hired to do her job (or the biller's for that matter, and yet i'm spending several hours a week doing just that), all of the doo-doo will fall on me, and i just don't want to deal with that kind of stress. i'm worried about it already and her departure is in two months.

some people are telling me i need to inform the doctor of her leaving, so he can take matters in hand and get a replacement. but, i feel, even though i may be cutting myself off at the knees, it's not my place to tender her resignation for her. so, what do you wise women think i should do?

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