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Me time

lindyjean's picture
on May 22, 2010 - 4:59pm

i have the house to myself all weekend. i can blare my music as loud as i want, and not worry about josh getting on anyone's nerves, or any one of most of my ipod songs. i have stuff from the early 60s up to now, and it seems i always find myself explaining why i have this song, or that one on my ipod. i have over 1700 songs---so, the mix is kind of an overview of music in the last five decades, and appeals to some part of my soul....yes, even the 60s bubble gum playlist... i even have a playlist called, "embarrassing things", which has the really cheesy stuff from my youth, and a few songs from the, "Mama Mia" soundtrack. you know, stuff you sing at the top of your lungs when you're alone in the car, but if it came on the radio when you had someone else in the car, you'd scoff and say, "oh, this is such a bad song"....well, i do that, anyway. sorry, not everything can be cool. The Association is not Bon Jovi, no matter how you look at it. Barry Manilow is not Bruce Springsteen...and Josh is not Jimi Hendrix, but damn, that boy is cute.....who needs cool when you're cute? and can is overrated anyway.

anyway, i'm supposed to taking the opportunity to play with my crafts, but you can't force the issue if you just don't feel like doing it. i might get the bug here any moment, though......(crickets chirping).....yep, any second now....(drums fingers)....

okay, i'm off to try to find some inspiration in my Big Binder of ideas....wish me luck!

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