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pardon my rant

lindyjean's picture
on December 8, 2010 - 2:28pm

i have MSN. the home page pops up with top news stories, sports, entertainment, weather, etc.....i like the entertainment stuff,mostly, the bad clothing choices made by people who make too much money and shouldn't dress like a blind person at a Goodwill store. But, i get so riled up at so many people who do nothing, yet are in the news daily.......

the kardashians---who the F gave these talentless, plastic party dolls a show? was it part of OJs pay-off to their dad in exchange for disposing of the bloody clothes??? one or another of them is in the news daily---for things as "newsworthy" as where they sat at a Laker game, and with whom, to how one looks in a bikini, to what one of them thinks about christmas. Really? really? does it need to be on the front page of MSN? do we need to know? do we even give a flying fig???

who are these ho-bag wives of Some Big City Somewhere? What on God's green earth did they do to warrant any kind of attention whatsoever?? and do we care if one of them has a baby, if one is getting divorce, if one dislikes another? i don't, and can't fathom why any other rational person would either.

don't get me started on the fools from jersey....and do i really care if kristin was seen kissing r-patz YET AGAIN??? please, somebody make it go away!!!

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