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post concert depression

lindyjean's picture
on August 19, 2011 - 1:54pm

but not the kind you think....

i went to the staples center in LA the other night to see josh for the only time on this tour. i shelled out the big bucks for the Gold VIP seat--$230. I got the fourth row, and we were all the way on the side. there was some obstruction by equipment, but still, great seats, but for too much of the show, there was no josh to look at up there on the stage.

i knew josh started the show from the back of the floor seats---this is no secret, it's been how every show has been. i was happy to share josh with the folks in the 'cheap' seats, especially because there were no big screens for them to see him better. however, i was not prepared to have josh return to the back stage for three more songs--a total of six songs, or, a full 1/3 of the show.

people keep saying i need to be grateful for being in the presence of josh's voice and talent....that i should be honored.....No, sorry, i'd be grateful if it was free and i got to hear him without paying. as i see it, he should be grateful that i am there, since i support him and his career. but this is not about that. i have adored josh for ten years and happily pay to see him, but, i want what i pay for, which means, if i want to sit up close, i expect to be able to see him up close for the vast majority of the show, not just 66% of it.
i felt cheated because i paid 230% of the face value of my ticket to see him up close, and only got 2/3 of what i paid for. I'm just really glad i didn't get tickets for more than one show, cuz i'd feel doubly disappointed.

i'm also tired of people telling me that i shouldn't complain because they can't afford the more-expensive seats, and are just happy to get to go. i worked hard for my money to buy my ticket, so why should they try to make me feel guilty for being able to afford the more-expensive seats and then being upset about not getting what i paid for? one wise comment was made that, if josh was going to move around the entire floor area performing, then all the floor seats should be the same price.

i also feel somewhat cheated that my VIP price did not offer a raffle for the BSPs that they gave away at the last tour to the VIP ticketholders. This was a big reason for our getting the VIP package. management did not say that there would be a raffle at each venue, but on the last tour, they didn't either, but still handed them out (and then some) at each show, and once that precedent is set, you either say up front it won't be offered, or you follow suit. i think they wanted to make more money and banked that more people would buy the VIP seats in hopes of winning backstage passes to meet josh. I know it factored into our decision to go for the expensive seats.

i know plenty of you will say i'm whining. go ahead. i have heard all the reasons why it's a good thing josh is doing this, and i agree----to a point. from remarks i heard around me, from other fans at the show, my opinion is not one lonely voice crying in the corner---others also expressed this disappointment, but won't risk saying so on the boards because of the backlash. one brave fan from back east was the first to bring it up on the boards, and i was among the first to tell her i thought she wasn't taking into consideration some things----i was happy to recant that post and tell her she was absolutely right in feeling cheated.

so, there it is...i got it off my chest. i don't believe i will be buying any special tickets at future tour dates. it was a waste of money.

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