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stumbling into a josh event

lindyjean's picture
on December 30, 2010 - 11:11pm

i'm going to try to make it to Josh's performance on the Kimmel show. i have to be in LA that day for a doctor's appointment, and i should be getting out of that just before it's time to line up for the show. of course, there will be many others lining up before me, so i'll probably get a seat in the back row, but that's okay. it's a small studio so there are no bad seats. since i live over two hours north of LA, this is pure luck. i got my tickets and my husband said he'd love to go, so, we shall try our best to be there. my appointment is at UCLA at 3:30, so, unless they run their office very poorly, we should be out of there by 4:30.

i'm facing thyroid surgery--my second one. it's actually the parathyroids--most people are born with four and i've had one removed already for getting out of whack. it's a very simple surgery, but all the running around beforehand takes about five times as much time and effort as the surgery itself. i was just telling myself how well the first incision has healed---the scar is really invisible and blends right in with the natural crease in the neck. now, i get another one--isn't that just the way??? i am opting to go to UCLA for the surgery because, as my doc told me, things were moved around in there the first time, i have scar tissue that i didn't have before, and with the nerves running so close to the thyroid, it's best to have the surgery done by someone who specializes in the neck, so, i'm going to LA. My husband wants me to have the surgery a day when UCLA has a home basketball game---he can go take in a game while i'm laying in the hospital. Fine with me---we all know how boring it is to be in the hospital, so why should both of us suffer? For all i know, they'll send me home right after---the only reason i stayed overnight before was so they could run three subsequent lab tests so many hours apart, to make sure the offending little booger is all out and not making my labs elevated. In the five years since my last surgery, they could have decided that one or two labs is enough and i can go home that same day. Either way, the last time i had it done, i didn't miss any work (except for the day of surgery itself), and once it's out, i'm done. there is no follow-up, nothing. So, i expect just as easy a deal this time. since this is sort of an elective surgery---no emergency, anyway---they may schedule me way out into spring or so....i have no idea how they do things in such a big place. we'll find out on monday----and then i'll go catch josh. how sweet is that? i hope he does the four-song mini-concert out back of the studio, but with rain predicted, they may have to limit him to one song inside. doesn't matter---it's josh, and even small doses is good medicine.

this will be my husband's first exposure to live josh. i have to be on my best behavior---no dorking around and being all goofy and giggly like i am when i'm with my fellow grobanites. I'll behave, but i'll be doing it with a big smile on my face. i know some other fans are going, but i don't think it'll be the big contingent we had last time---not enough notice for peeps to arrange to be there. i got tickets, no problem, so perhaps more will come on down.

i'll report back next week......

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