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what's your favorite cookbook?

lindyjean's picture
on October 30, 2011 - 5:07pm

I'm baking today and (for probably the 100th time), realized how much I love my "Joy of Cooking" cookbook....I've had this one for nearly 35's falling apart in places, has hundreds of dried splatters in it, and numerous pages stuck together from said splatters, but it is dear to me. some of the recipes I've tried were terrible, and are crossed out, and plenty of them have comments in the margins, but that's not why I love it's more of an encyclopedia of cooking and preparing food (freezing, etc). I consult it all the time, but rarely for a new recipe. I got it as a shower gift prior to my wedding in 1978, and every time I use it, I think of that old, dear friend. because of it's much-used and deteriorating appearance, I actually bought a new one about five years ago, but ended up giving it away. it had been updated and abridged and they tossed out a lot of things I love in favor of adding newer, leaner recipes. they took out info on some things, like canning and curing, because, I guess, that's a dying art and you can get it in other books specifically for that (not that I've ever felt the need to can or cure meat, but it was nice to have it in there if I wanted to read up on it, like cooking squirrel and possum---entertaining, if not appetizing). they even changed the font, and that alone was enough to make me scrap the new edition. I had bought it thru my book club, so didn't have it to skim thru prior to purchase---if i had, it never would have come home with me. i'm hoping that with the return of some home arts, they will again include the old-fashioned info (perhaps they have---i haven't checked out a newer edition since the last time).

anybody else got a cookbook that is a dear friend???

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