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on June 11, 2010 - 2:01pm

My youngest graduates from college tomorrow. he is the one that was not planned, the "bonus baby", to borrow from baseball jargon. while i can see myself strongly in all three of my children, he is the one who shares my sense of humor the most, and i get such a kick out of him. He can make me laugh, and vice versa, more than just about anyone. he's been doing it since he was a toddler. I've always known he is whip-smart---but then, all three of my kids have their strengths in some areas. Yep, i'm bragging, but it's not simply a mother's bias. Every teacher has told me pretty much the same thing all thru their academic careers. Mike is the business and math whiz, the one who is logical and considers all angles. Erin is the one with the creative side---seriously, she should be a party planner because she really knows how to pull things together in the loveliest, most creative way. And my baby Tim, the new grad, is the one with fire and leadership qualities that cannot be taught; you just have to be born with them.

Tim wants to be the General Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers someday. So does his cousin's husband, but, my son will get there long before that guy ever will. He could walk into the HR dept. there on Monday, and they'd be lucky to have him as an employee. He'd prove himself time and again, and i'm sure he'd move up the ladder quickly. It might take a few decades to get to GM, but i have no doubt in my mind that he'd be in the running for the job when it came up. You don't know how many former employers of his have mourned his moving on.

So, tomorrow, he walks with his diploma, says goodbye to the college friends who are moving away, and he's moving back home here. I don't want him to move too far away, nor does his girlfriend of 2.5 years who also lives here in town, but i don't think this place will hold much for him, save for family and GF. Except for the Dodgers, he doesn't much care for LA or San Diego (except as a place to go for a long weekend). He hates the weather in the Bay Area. I'm pretty sure he'd hate the central valley, too. It's only a matter of time before he has to leave our perfect weather, relatively small population, and move on with his life. I know he will be the first one to leave---he's like me and i was the first to leave the nest for other pastures. My daughter moved out two years ago, but i see her as much as I did when she lived at home, so that doesn't count. Tim will leave and won't be back, except for visits. this thought kills me, but i have to prepare myself for it. I thought i was going to die when he was accepted to UC San Diego two years ago---i thought he'd love it there and surely pick it over Santa Barbara, but he chose to go to the school only an hour from home. It was the best fit---and, really, who WOULDN'T want to live in Santa Barbara for two years???? So, i got to put off his REALLY leaving home for two years. He's going to Boston over the July 4th holiday, and he'd better not decide to move there!!! no, never a Sox fan.....he'd die first.

so....i'm both happy and sad about his graduation tomorrow. I never doubted for a moment he'd get that degree, or the Master's he's thinking about pursuing (he thought we would foot the bill for that, too---his plans changed when we said no--one kid, one degree. I'm just waiting for him to tell me, "well, Mike didn't get a degree, can't i have his college money to get my Master's?" uh, NO!). Get a scholarship---it's what your sister did to get her teaching credential.....

Okay this is longer than i wanted it to be.....

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