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Listening to Changing Colors

Lizzi58's picture
on August 22, 2010 - 6:19pm

I swear I am not an overly sentimental or weepy person.But this song is ridiculous.I found it on you tube-now it is on my itunes library so it can receive the speaker busting volume it deserves. Listening to the song is a complete emotional experience-but watching Josh sing it is heart wrenching in the best possible way.Music gushes out of him.No trickles! Downpours of musical emotions.The song hurts-it empties then fills the soul. When I watch and listen I wonder"how can he do it?"It seems to me that a person needs a deep reservoir of emotional experiences to sing this song the way Josh does. Or maybe a very rich imagination.Either way the mournful honesty in his voice is so compelling. What is required of the listener is no less though! I am completely willing to join the singer in the spiraling journey!So it's Josh feeling it and singing it but it's me listening, feeling and responding to it that makes the circle complete.I love that connection!It's the best part of being human. I so hope Josh has some sense of the power of this connection in peoples lives. I am so happy to have "met" you Josh Groban.Thank you for the ride.

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