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On listening to Josh sing when he was 20-A Sort of Fable

Lizzi58's picture
on August 9, 2010 - 8:37pm

AS I listen I wonder....a young man who is not yet that age..beginning to discover who he might be..BUT-for this young man there is a difference-a big difference...When this young man sings people cheer...and weep."It's miraculous!",they exclaim. "It's agreed-he is an angel!""Come with us you angel of music!", they plead."Sing!!-See here is a life for you!"We love, love,love, LOVE YOU!" So here is this young man, not yet grown-kidnapped!Grabbed!Usurped!Pulled out by the roots!But-where is the time to find the path?Cameras watch at every turn!Where should he go? Who should he take? What should he leave behind?What's real and what is a reflection of the crowds?

"F--- this" a part of him says.(Hopefully)

Run, Josh, Run!! Save yourself from the fate of opera boy forever!
You can do it! MAKE YOUR OWN MUSIC!!

we do love you, you know.................

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