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What does it mean??

Lizzi58's picture
on September 28, 2010 - 6:40pm

Once again I am being my analytical/psychological self here. I truly enjoy thinking about human behavior and I am fascinated by my own response to Josh and his music. All the excitement on the site and the anticipation of the CD has me giddy as a school girl, as they say.Why am I so enamored by this person and this music? First-the music makes my body do weird things like it makes my heart beat faster, it makes me cry sometimes. If I am walking down the street listening to Josh on my ipod I start to sing in an embarrassing way. Today I was riding my bike while listening to Feb Song and I had to get off because I was lost in a dream.My fellow teacher was driving by and asked if there was something wrong with my bike. I said"No-there is something wrong with my heart-Josh Groban!-she smiled and drove on. I've heard that song 110 times but today with the beautiful blue Colorado sky and the yellow aspen trees,well it was too much. I find myself thinking about Josh's music and wondering if it makes him cry? At first, I mean, when he is learning it or writing it. And-I do read Josh's tweets and interviews and I am not 100% convinced that he is 100% happy about all this. Just listen to the lyrics! All I really know is what that music does to me.

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