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out of the loop....

LorettaO's picture
on July 12, 2014 - 8:28am

Life has been rather... not sure of the correct word to use here... upturned? hectic? chaotic?.

My mother was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer this past February (non-small cell). I've been riding a roller-coaster with her since then. I've actually been with her since November other than a couple weeks when my sister came up. It all started with her collapsing in the driveway outside her home. I called 911, she was hospitalized in critical condition but made a quick recovery and was home one week later. We had home health here everyday, she was building strength and starting to ween off oxygen. The doctor spotted something in her lungs and she went for a Biopsy on her bday, 1/29. She got her results 2/3. She's been undergoing chemo, and has been in the hospital several times. She has more bad than good days and it's so hard not being able to help her. I mean, I cook and clean, drive her where ever she wants to go, and pretty much jump anytime she says frog, but I can't make her feel better.

So, anyway, I've kinda been out of the loop on FOJG. All my Grobanite friends have been awesome. I love all the cards I've received. They mean so much to me. But I have let my postcard exchange slip and feel a bit guilty for that. I hope to catch up soon. I'm exhausted physically and mentally... please be patient with me. I will be back in the loop sometime in the future. I just have to start making time for me. Something I haven't done in months. I'm working on getting help... hopefully will find some soon.

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