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on November 11, 2009 - 8:01pm

It's been a very long time since I have posted a blog on here. Wow, I love journaling and I love how everyone I know from school dosent know what I am writing about because they dont have a FOJG haha!

Right now let me say that I am very mad because two of my quad mates just came back with pizza. Did not offer to anyone else if they wanted some or ask me....So for revenge I am going to make brownies and sit down and eat them all myself! No better! I am going to make cookies! Ahhh! Thats horrible, revenge is in God's hands.

Dear God,
I pray you convince some wonderful/adorable guy that he realizes he absolutely loves me and may he make me a batch of cookies, and send them to my dorm! AMEN!

Haha! Just kidding, isnt that wonderful prayer though.

It has been raining here in VA, very dreary day today. I like the rain its just today it was blah! Even in convocation today everyone was quiet and sullen. Its cold here too, so it just makes me feel old because I feel achy because of the weather. Ah! But then again, "Ooh ooh remember when it rained..." I had to throw that in there of course.

Funny story! I went to North Campus of Liberty where the student center is, the Tilley. In the tilley it has amazing couches, a starbucks stand, and its just homey. So I went to the food stand to get a wrap from Chik-Fil-A. I first went to eat at the bar/island in the middle of the Tilley. After I finished I just stayed there and read my Psychology. A guy came and sat near me later on, he did not study he just sat there trying to hide his PSP. My back finally started to hurt so I got up to scope the place for an empty couch. I found one so I went to it. The guy playing the PSP came and sat in the chair right next to my couch there was plenty of other open chairs and he chose to follow me...Ugh, then he decides he is going to be productive, he starts reading then passes out right in the chair! Ahahahaha!

But yeah that was pretty much my day. Ha! Well I shall write again when something interesting happens!

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