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Let me Explain

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on October 4, 2010 - 3:29pm

So let me explain my latest episode with Mary Joan. I feel like I can express the truth on here. Plus, I really am dreading memorizing lines and finishing my character analysis paper for Basic 1 tomorrow.

My latest episode with Mary Joan was about Josh announcing the release date for Illuminations! I thought what a wonderful week of November this is going to be. Because that is when Harry Potter part 1 of the last movie comes out too! Plus it's near Christmas and I love Christmas!

So I did this episode of Mary Joan breaking into my house while I am still away at college watching my theatre's production of Hairspray.
(Do you know Liberty University is the FIRST college that has gotten the rights to perform Hairspray. We are the first college!!! WH00T go Liberty! So cool!)
So while I was gone Mary Joan found my camera and tripod and decided to do an episode all by herself.

She took her calender and finally showed everyone Illuminations was to be released on Nov. 15th. After her failed attempt at drawing a heart on Nov. 15th. My dog Jazzy walks in. I know I have had some requests that my dog be put into more episodes, so I made a point to have Jazzy in this one. This is where Mary Joan forces her to become a grobanite and tries to put on a little tshirt that was on my stuffed animal of Sweeney. Of course I come home just in time to stop Mary Joan from torturing my dog.

Fun fact, to get my dog crazy and excited all you have to do is say SQUIRREL! Seriously, Up was right, squirrel is the magic word.

At the end of the episode I had my mom come in and make Jazzy talk. Jazzy loves to talk, she is such a nut. That is where I put in the subtitles for her speaking on how she wanted Illuminations NOW!! she takes after her mommy, hee hee.

Funny thing though! I got a comment on this video of a girl saying she really hated my movies. I asked her why she was even watching them. Then she accused me of making fun of Josh and making fun of Grobanites......WHAT?!?!?!? GIRL YOU ON CRAZINESS!!!! haha!

I WOULD NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER EVER NEVER EVERRRRR!!!! MAKE FUN OF JOSH GROBAN! The man is an inspiration to me, he's my favorite. I love Josh, not like ooohhh *swOoOoOoOn* *faint!*, no he is awesome. He is one of the best down to earth musical artists we have these days, which is very rare. Plus, he was a theatre major, BOOM! We connect.

Oh and from the above statement, I guess you can conclude I am a frickin' GROBANITE!! And I am proud of it, I will shout it out loud just like I shout that I am a Jesus freak! Oh and I guess this LADEH didnt pay attention to my videos that well. Because you see all the props I have of Josh, those are all mine! I have tshirts of Josh, I have two jackets of josh. I have that ridculous dog tag of Josh (that I used to wear every single day in the 11th grade)! And I have that Sweeny stuffed animal, and countless posters. I have that one in my room at home, and all the others are here in college with me. LADY!!! I DO NOT MAKE FUN OF GROBANITES!!! THAT IS MY INNER GROBANITE COMING OUT!!!

Basically...if I didnt do these episodes of Mary Joan. I would probably have a mental breakdown on some sidewalk somewhere screaming about how awesome Josh Groban is.

So check it out ;)

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