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ugly but thrilled

lyndat335's picture
on June 27, 2011 - 9:08am

i first met josh on november 15, 2010. this was the day illuminations came out. my friend pam and i got on line at 7:30 a.m. at the barnes and noble book store ion new york. josh would arrive 3 hour later to sign the cds we just bought. the only problem was-3 days earlier i tripped over a garden brick in my front yard. i ended up in the emergency room with a slightly fractured nose, a huge scrape mark over my lip, stitches in my upper lip and at the base of my nose. everything was swollen. and i was about to meet josh groban! when it was my turn, josh shook my hand and asked me what name to put on the cds. i said lynda-with a y.he said "and this one?" again i answered "the same - both are for me- i'm being selfish". but what made meeting him so wonderful was he looked me straight in the eyes as he shook my hand. i'm sure he noticed my face, but pretended not to notice. i said "congratulations on your cd". he said "thank you very much". since then i've been to both the new haven and town hall concerts, and have tickets for aug 2 (newark) and his last concert at madison square garden.

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