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Alison's Graduation

MaryAwake's picture
on November 8, 2011 - 2:42am

Hi its me again!

Last Saturday saw my beautiful eldest daughter Ali getting her Degree..proud day for all of us..esp when u think back to just over 4 years ago...when she was so sick with CF that we didnt think she would make it...and in fact without the generosity of her doner she wouldnt be here today. We are thankful every day for the decision that person made to carry a donor card and also to her family for making sure that her wishes were carried out, without them...dont even want to think of it :(
Anyway to get back to last Sat....she went back to college after recovering from her operation to study Social Care...just for 1 year to get feel for it, then decided that she would go for her was 3 years of hard work but it paid off last weekend when she received her Degree in a lovely ceremony in her College..have to admit when she went up to receive her Degree from the President of College, there were few tears from me and her sister Hannah, who will be getting her Degree next year and also Ali will b receiving her Honours Degree....:) My 2 beautiful clever them so much :) <3
Here are some pics from Saturday.....
The one I am most proud of is the one of Me with my girls...
There is also one of me and Ali by ourselves and one of Ali with her husband Carl....he is brilliant, they were married when she was really sick and he has stuck by her side through everythig....very special guy!
And I get to do it all again next year for both Alison and Hannah....Happy Days !

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