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on December 17, 2009 - 3:45am

Hi Everyone!!!

Well Christmas is uponn us once more, and this year I am so unorganised u wouldnt believe it. Havent sent out Christmas Cards yet (except to my Grobie friends of course).. dont have presents wrapped, in fact dont have Christmas Spirit yet either..might have something to do with fact that I am sick again this year...this is becoming a habit!!!! Chest infection this time, so more antibiotics and dreaded STEROIDS!!!!(they keep me awake al night so am spending a lot more time on laptop)!!!
My decorations are done and my tree is up and it all looks beautiful esp at night when all the candles and t-lights are lit too..very magical, just wish I felt magical as well..but...alas not!
My daughter Ali and her husband Carl will not be here this year. He hasn't been home with his family for Christmas (they live in England) since he moved here 7 years ago, so this year they will be going ovet there on Dec 22nd and coming back on Jan 3rd..wo I will miss them here on Christmas Day. Instead, this year, I will have my brother and his 2 kids (he recently split with his wife after 22 years together (15 married), so this year they will be here with me. Kids are Jamie (boy 18) same age as my Hannah and Zoe (girl 11)..they asked to spend Christmas with their they will be spending it with me and my family too!! They are really good kids and I feel so sorry for them, but that's life I suppose!!!
I usually love Christmas, but this year there is just something stopping me from getting into it!!! Even listening to NOEL non-stop is not getting me there, in fact it is making me more *depressed* about whole thing.....need something to kick me into Christmas..bring it on!!!!If anyone has any suggestions, I will gladly take them on board...anything to make me feel more Christmassy!!!!!
Ok I am getting out of here before I make u all as depressed as me. I hope u all have a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and that Santa brings u all u wish for!!!
Also a Very Happy and Peaceful Christmas to Josh and his family..I hope they all get what they wish for from Santa too!!!!

Here's Hoping

Mary XX

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