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Me Again!!!

MaryAwake's picture
on January 18, 2010 - 2:08am

Hi Guys!!
It's me again!!! Here we are now in the middle of January and the snow has finally gone....hurray!!! Could hardly move out of the house cos where I live, the ice was awful, completely frozen right up to front door..way too dangerous to venture out!!
So what else has been happening...well unfortunately had to give up my Gym this financial climate..better things to spend money on....but on a better note, back to walking every day (30 mins)...and it's thing i can't give up is my Chiropractor (it only 1 visit a month), without him, wouldnt be able to go out walking, so I need him!!! At the moment Chase is the most important man in my life!!!! (apart from Josh of course)LOL. He is really nice, he from California and he is a star!!!! Hannah and Ali back at at last I can get my life back into some sort of routine..when Hannah home I really don't know what day of the week it is....routine out the window....LOL
Dont know if I already told you this, my eldest doughter (Ali) has friend living in China..remember she brought Josh to China via cd's...well she home for visit at the moment and goes back next Sunday..her youngest sister is going back with her for 6 months and then the whole family is coming back to Ireland to live for good..she and her Chinese husband are setting up their own online bussiness which means they can run it from here....Ali is so happy to be having her friend home again and Lorraine is happy to be coming home at last....btw we were in Dublin last week, Ali had to go for her usual clinic check up and Lorraine and her sister Barbara (the one going to China) came with us..and guess what Lorraine has been getting Barbara (she 22) to listen to Josh and she likes him...thinks his voice is hurray for Lorraine..spreading the Josh!!
So what else..oh yeah...going to Liverpool, England on Feb 26th for 3 days (Christmas present from my HOG)..looking forward to it, like Liverpool...but will be away for Josh's birthday, so I will have to post my Birthday Greeting to him before I leave....and 3/4 days away from laptop....will be having serious withdrawal probs......LOL
Finally got my PBS Soundstage Lithograph framed...cost me E30 (about $40) but it was so worth it. Have it hanging at top of my stairs, and I see it everytime I go up the stairs...mmm lovely!!! :):):)
So from now on it healthy diet, and lots and lots of not New Year Resolution, so I am hoping this will mean that I will keep it up.....mmmm
I hate this time of year, just after Christmas and New Year, everything is so grey and miserable...cant wait for Spring and then Summer....and hopefully visit to Ireland from Josh this year!!! HINT! HINT! JOSH!!!!!

Off to do some ironing...oh the joys of housework!!! LOL

Hope everyone has a Joshfilled day!

XX Mary!!!

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