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MaryAwake's picture
on June 19, 2009 - 9:07am

It finally lithograph and dvd!!!!!!!!!!!!
Postman came at 8.15 this morning (Fri) and when i saw what he had i nearly took his hand off!!
Waiting till tonight to watch it in comfort from my big double bed!!!!!
Wish Josh could be there with me, but , alas i wil b on my own!!!! sniff! sniff! sniff!!!!!
Hope everyone has a Joshfilled weekend- I know I will!!!!
A whole weekend of just watchng Josh over and over again - now that's my idea of heaven--only one thing could make it more perfect and that would be the man himself in the flesh (Ha! Ha! if only!!).
I really must stop thinking of Josh like that!!!!
Can anyone give me some VERY GOOD reasons Why ????

Lots of Josh Hugs and Kisses
XX Mary

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