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Rollercoaster Ride

MaryAwake's picture
on January 26, 2010 - 6:28am

Hey Guys!!!

Boy have I had a Rollercoaster Ride this last 2 weeks...Hannah finally went back to college on Jan 18th, came home same day...sore throat...
Got up Tuesday morning, couldnt talk, swallow (even her own slaiva), high temperature.....the works. Went to doctor..BAD CASE OF TONSILLITUS..had to go to ER...and she admitted to hosp for 4 days. On Soduim Chloride and Glucose IV's and Antibiotics and painkiller IV's too..So basically I spent 4 days sitting in hosp. Not the best way to spend 4 days. She came home on Friday evening, and off college for another week...the last time she was in hospital with this was when she was 4!!! If it happens again, she has to go to Specialiast....
I really hope she doesnt have to get them out, it very painfull for adults, I believe.
On a completely different note...having trouble listening to Josh lately, this happens on a regular basis, dont know why, most ppl find that listening to Josh helps them when they are having bad time, but strangely for me, it works other way around...listening to Josh when I am down makes me feel worse...hope it ends soon...really miss him.....I know that may sound crazy to a lot of you, but that is how I am.....wish it wasnt like this, but hey....we are all different I suppose....doesnt mean I dont love him as much as I always did...just finding it hard to hear him right now.....havent even watched CHESS in at least 2 months..that is long time for me...usually watch it at least once a week...and cry buckets every time..

Ok better go...time for Hannah's meds.

Lots of Josh Hugs

Mary XX

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