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A night they'll remember forever

MelAyers's picture
on February 27, 2013 - 7:47am

On Monday Feb 4th I took my youngest daughter out of high school, drove an hour and half north and picked up her older sister from college. We hit I95 North and drove four more hours to NY City singing Josh songs at the top of our lungs. Our favorite to REALLY belt out in the car is' You and I' from Chess.
I'd never driven in New York before and I was terrified! We screamed into Manhatten (after a hideous trip through the Lincoln Tunnel) just in time to park the car and run to the venue. With no time for dinner - but we were way too excited anyway - we took our seats for the live performance at the Allen Room at the Jazz at Lincoln Center. It was exhilerating! What a complete thrill. A small venue, very intimate but backed by the most stunning view of Columbus Circle and the corner of central park.
Josh was wonderful. Self depricating, funny, at ease and in full velvet voice mode! Strings, a choir - it was the full experience. There's nothing like hearing and seeing Josh perform live
Two hours later we were out in the cold streets of NYC, stunned, awed and barely believing what we had just experienced.
We should have been tired but we talked all the way home. I dropped one back at college just after midnight and my youngest and I were home and in bed by 1:30am. (Okay - I have a lead foot, I'll admit it)What a thrilling day and a memory they will always treasure.
Since then I've heard from so many friends who are mothers of daughters who wish they could find a mututal passion they could share such as the one I'm blessed to share with my two daughters. It was a night they'll never forget.

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