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Holy Spirit*

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on May 23, 2010 - 5:13pm

Hey, I just got off the phone with my Nana. Apparently whatever team my parents/grandparents are on has disowned me and consider me not fit to come to town. Apparenlty I am not well.
Sundays are good in GA for getting my room clean, but I am still losing my temper quite often because of teams and the fact that they exist. Apparently, some personality types will never change. But, my family does have to be owned by somebody.
I was dreaming of a month away from the constant camera activity around here and the quiet of no big brother watching my every move, but apparently my volatility doesn't prove to anyone the stress and strain that I am under and the fact that I need a vacation from the constant surveilance too.
Luckily I am just a kindred spirit who comes up with too many conspiracy theories for my own good. I can't even sit here and enjoy the company of my imaginary friends. Being on the Holy Spirit's team sure is lonely. Wish you were on it with me. I'd love to sayance the Holy Spirit with you. Dead spirits are real whether you believe in them or not. It's really scarey though, it's like the Matrix movie. I can see the leaders of the dead spirits team take over family members and I have to go hide in my room until their teams say I am welcome around them again. Matrix movie, where they had to decide whether to take the pill or not, and Neo did and Trinity had and Morpheus, but Neo didn't get to play with the men he used to work with and he didn't get to play with anyone not popped out of the Matrix. I will never fit back in with the non Holy Spirit team. Not ever. So, I have to hide, allot.
I wish you were a cowboy version of Neo for this Trinity. I know you probably don't want to sing all your songs about Jesus, I don't really either, but I do want to know him and die and go to heaven with him. Apparently the personal relationship they speak about in church is a realtionship with the holy ghost. An actual ghost. Then no one, who doesn't break bread with Yeshua, can function in the same room or the conversation turns on me to make me feel demented.
I have the Holy Spirit and it is seen as a curse. I won't care, becuase either way, when I die I will have lived with the Holy Spirit and allowed for him to save my daughter too. I have to save some things in this world. I've always had a "save the world" complex. I might just get to be a surgeon. But the whole team of surgeons and people I worked with would have to commune with the Holy Spirit to make it a workable environment.
God is full of promises. I read the Bible and play games by myself, but I do feel allot like Anne Frank. I, most of the time, know in reality that I'm not Anne Frank, but I lose reality when my family starts saying negative things towards me. I end up walking home, wakling home from church, etc. It doesn't seem that anyone around here has the holy spirit or they would want to hang out.
Maybe someday I'll meet the owners of the teams of the world (the men/women who think they own people) and share the holy spirit with them. I am a little scared that they might start charging people to get the Holy Spirit. I think that is what happened to the Catholic church, and I would rather anyone that is willing to freely recieve, be able to recieve the Holy Spirit.
Do you know anything about what I am talking about? You probably haven't been on the computer in a while. You probably have a team that agrees that you shouldn't get to come over and play with a Holy Spirit girl. But I would let you over here. I do have some potato chips.
As a "Anne Frank" feeling kinda girl, I dream of having you over allot. It seems that people all around me can't though, so why would I ever believe that Josh Groban, a famous star, would be allowed to come and play. Someday, I'll be famous, and you will want the Holy Spirit too, and then I'll share him with you in person if you'd like. I'd love to see you and all the people you own in heaven :)
Well, Happy Sunday to you Mr. Groban. Hope you got a nap. I took mine yesterday.
Melissa Chalmers

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