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Sunday Morning*

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on May 23, 2010 - 9:29am

Good morning Josh,
Guess what, I missed church. I attend a little Lutheran church here on campus most Sundays. I, unlike some nights, as you would see in one of my songs if you ever get to hear any of them, some times I don't take my meds and sometimes I do. It makes everyone so mad that I am so rebellious and actually medicate myself. I get the feeling sometimes that people want me permanently in a mental hospital.
Well, since I played outside on the campus green yesterday, most of the afternoon, I didn't get my Saturday cleaning done, so now I guess I will have to do it today. I usually clean my room, my bathroom and wash clothes. Luckily dishes in the kitchen for one person is an extremely quick clean up. My roommates and I haven't quite figured out how to clean the kitchen effectively in a "fair" manner. But, those of us that clean it do. I wish we could room together again, but they are moving out in August, so it will be new roommates.
Sometimes I alone so much that I start thinking I hear dead spirits talking. They sure do talk allot about death, killing, blood and all kinds of yucky things. I wouldn't talk to them if I were you, but I'm scared that because I was born on Halloween they talk to me. I try not to talk back and normally turn on some music and start singing and dancing so I don't have to sit here and listen to the dead spirits or any other negative vibes.
I hate being alone. I always told my now x-husband that if he ever left me I would die, and I almost did. We must have worked together really well, but there was some sort of spiritual attack out to harm us allot of the time. He ended up not strong enough to save Megan (my daughter) and not me. So I ended back up with my mom and dad. But it was nice sleeping with the same person every night. Something about cuddling with the man you love. Too bad I don't know any men my age right now. Maybe soon I'll meet some that at least want to take me to coffee at Starbucks.
Well, just thought I'd write another vlog, these are getting to be too fun to write. I actually think you are reading them. :) Have a great day and a great life if we never do talk in person. Keep being the King of WORLD music. You do such a good job at your profession.
Melissa Chalmers

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