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on July 19, 2011 - 12:02pm

Was travelling all the way from the U.K worth it to see Josh in Chicago?
Yes of course.
I've been lucky enough to see Josh a few times, Manchester 2007, Hampton Court Festival 2007 (incredible concert), Chess RAH London and Before we begin 2010 Union Chapel. Its been a long wait for this tour but worth it.

A great mixture of old and new songs, with enough chat in between to make it amusing but not too much to detract from the music that we had all come to hear.

The musicians he has with him are all world class and I love the relaxed and layed back style of the show.

I'm taking some of my friends and family with me to see him on his European
leg of the tour. This concert will fit in well with the smaller and more intimate venues.
See you in Copenhagen, Heklsinki and London Josh (You Rock)

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