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Thinking. Again. STAND BACK!!! LOL

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on February 16, 2010 - 9:07pm

So, Carson turned a year on the 3rd. Now, Kara is knocking on the door of "#8" on the 6th of next month. When Riley turned 8, we surprised her with her own bedroom. Kara has no idea that we're planning on the same thing for her. Which means I'm giving up my office/sewing room and turning the whole house upside down again. I've been posting on Facebook for the past several weeks about re-organizing everything in the house. Well, that's one of the main things behind my motivation. And I still have so much to do that it's not even funny. Everything needs to pretty much be in its new place by the 4th so that while she's at school on the 5th (the Friday before her birthday) we can completely get the whole room done. That means not only getting everything organized, but I'll have to have everything on hand to actually do the re-do. She doesn't has no clue that there is even the possiblilty because since Carson is still in our room, she thinks there's not room for her to have her own space. Carson will, in turn, move into the room with Cassidy until we either can add on in a year or two or we move.

Other than my family, there's not much more I have to blog about. Nothing really exciting or anything like that. Which means I must need new music or something. LOL Trying to be patient, but mostly because we have no other choice. haha

Hope everyone's doing great!

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