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music is therapy

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on November 18, 2010 - 7:06pm

hello all! thank josh for a place for grobanites to hang out. I am a twenty year old nursing student, I sing and play violin, while dabbling in self taught but greatly increasing skills in piano and guitar. Books and music are my life, they keep everything else... sane. first fell in love with josh's music just before my fourteenth birthday, just as his Closer album was released, and I've been hooked ever since. It had probably been a good while before I had listened to one of his albums on repeat, because I was so impatiently waiting for Illuminations. I had almost forgotten what that addiciton was like, the needing to hear the music or you want to fall over feeling. It has been three days since the album release and my cd came in the mail and i can't stop myself from listening to it on repeat. it has absolutely everything you expect from him and so so much more. I find it amazing that even though its been years since his last album release, whatever he puts out has so much that is relevant to me right now. I just find it astonishing that humans years and miles away still experience and feel the same things. I think that is one of the biggest reasons why I love his music. I have never met him or been withing two hundred feet of him, but somewhere out there is another human who has felt the exact same things I have. THus explaining the therapuetic magic that is music.
yes, i can fangirl about josh up one wall and down another, i say oh-my-josh or josh darnit as opposed to other things, but i promise i will not be solely writing about him here. but this is my little intro, and lets face it- if we weren't all a little but... enthusaistic... in our admiration we wouldn't be here ;) but I will be going now because I have psych nursing in the morning. My professor is incredible so I actually don't mind being up early. The demonstration I have to do later on won't be as much fun, but we will see how it goes.fingers crossed!

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