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Thankfulness, Disbelief and Hyperventilation... Three unrelated feelings in one very short time-frame

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on February 20, 2011 - 8:04pm

So, I bought my Josh Groban ticket on the 19th at 10:15AM (ticketmaster didn't answer on-time...) and I was okay for the entire day. I was happy, but it didn't seem real that I was going to see him for the third time yet. My seat is awesome, section 15, row G, seat 4; I think that's pretty amazing!

Later that night, I was watching some show (I think it was something like Entertainment Tonight or... I don't know, it was just something having to deal with celeb gossip) that I was pretty much forced to watch, when all of a sudden, they show snippets of different celebrities posing for pictures in front of that infamous backdrop. Well, I see Mr. Josh Groban pop up for not even two seconds, and I start freaking out; it hits me, 'I'm going to see him in concert and I'm gonna be so close!!!!!!!!'. I start hyperventilating and repeating "OH MY GOD, I'M GONNA SEE JOSH GROBAN, I'M GONNA BE SO CLOSE!!!!" I even called my momma... Yes, she was quite concerned about my mental health, until I told her in-between gasps and in broken English/desperate mumble of what I was freaking out about. Then she just laughed at me.

Yeah, it was a little much, but I couldn't help it. Josh Groban was my first inspiration to do music, I was only 11 when I discovered him! I realized I could sing in Italian when I was around 13, and that was singing along to "Alla luce del sole" from his self-titled album [haha]. From there to now, my passion for music grew into something untamable. Seriously, music saved my life.

God gave me the gift of singing for a reason, and I would've never really discovered it without a little help from Josh Groban :)

So all-in-all, I'm excited!!!! And thankful for Josh Groban and his beautiful music :)

<3 Melanie

**Pic Below: Oh yeah, baby, that's how I like it! Haha :)**

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