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36 weeks? where did time go?

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on January 2, 2010 - 4:19pm

I am so happy this isn't gone. I thought they would have gotten rid of the old journals. So I'z happy!

Same old crap going on in my life. Sure do miss the old posters like Bethany and Linda and Laurie.

Still Joshed. Got a bunch of Christmas cards with Josh from the exchange and made a poster of them. The rest I put away with the Christmas stuff. I always mean to make them into new cards, but life always goes crazy.

The only significant thing I did this past year was start going to the interstate bridge down the road and start helping out the homeless there. I do their laundry, bring them stuff that they need. One is in jail now because she tried to cut her boyfriend's face and he ran away so he does not have to testify against her. I am going to see her Tuesday at the jail. I am just there to offer them a chance to make a change in their lives. I wish I could get Tommie Lee a place to live. He's just about the nicest bum I ever met. I don't think that anyone in America should be on the street unless it's a life style choice. Most of them are victims of abuse or alcohol/drug abusers. They are still people. That's what I say to anyone who is mortified by my "hanging" out under the bridge. I am not scared of them.

Sarah is going to make me a grandma again in May. Hoping for a girl. Grandchildren are the best gift from God. Demetri is so wonderful (most of the time).

Sent Dad, James and Pete to Tampa Bay Lightning hockey game. They are on the way home after watching them beat Pittsburgh. I forget the score.

Dammit Josh, I need a new album now! Even listening to Noel this Christmas season wasn't enough for me. I even got to hear him on the radio at work 3 times in one day! That's a record! The regular store music only has one song of Josh's.

I want to go to a concert...I want to go to meet and greets...I want to hear some new songs...Josh withdrawal sucks. It should be a law that he is required to put out a new cd every year, tour or no tour. I did the Twilight thing and now I'm bored again. It's a good thing I can listen to Josh over and over (as long as I have head phones on).

I hope its not another 36 weeks until I get back in here. I am a little confused with this new website. Won't let me post on the boards. Oh well...later

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