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Blessed by Parents

Queen4JGro's picture
on July 24, 2011 - 10:34am

I can hear the words right now, "Just wait until you are an adult. You'll see." Words spoken by my parents for a long list of reasons. They never said that about music simply because I never knew any better. We only had classical music, broadway musical records, etc. The songs I learned on the piano were classical and show tunes. Same with my clarinet. When my friend asked me which one of the songs on the top ten I liked I had no idea what she was talking about. I asked my dad what the top ten songs were and he had no idea what a top ten list was. Talk about being sheltered.

Now that I am an adult and have the choice to listen to what I want, I mostly listen to the same type of music for one good reason. Everyone can listen to it. There is no swearing, no sexual inuendos, talk of woman ownership and violence.

There is a downfall to listening to my favorite type of music most of my life. I never had to listen to the content or look for parental discretion on the album. I am only mentioning this because if just bought Katie Perry's cd, "Teenage Dreams" on Thursday. I love the music and the beat. I still have a tendency to walk about with blinders on and surely must have been wearing them when I bought this. First, the album cover. She is wearing nothing, ust laying on feather boas. Secondly, if I would have seen it before I tore the wrapping off, "Parental Discretion". That is a definite heads up. I put the music in my cd player at work and crank it up a bit. After the second song, I had to shut it off. The words "I want to see your peacock. I want to see what is underneath" forced.. me to shut it off. On Friday I was alone in the afternoon and played the entire album. I gave the cd away to a friend who does not care about content. She could not understand why I did not want it. I had to explain to her that I could not play the music at work and I could not play it at home. What is the sense in having it at all.

One artist and one type of music I can count on is the music Josh records. Everyone can listen to his music. It is absolutely beautiful; not only the words, but the music and the magnificent voice of Josh Groban. His band is outstanding. You do not see on the front cover "Parental Discretion".

My parents, like Josh's parents, exposed me to music that most my age never listened to. I am so blessed. Without that exposure I probably would be sounding like a lot of people I know and say "Who is Josh Groban" or "Josh who".


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