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on November 1, 2010 - 7:04pm

I went on google to search for Josh Groban on Buzzcocks and on the second page, there it was, my comment! My comment is actually on Google! I really should print it out before it does not exist anymore.

I went to the skate park tonight and told some kids to get out of the bushes. I asked them if they were doing drugs in the bushes and they said NO. I said, "Good because otherwise I would have to arrest you and I do not want to." OMG ...... sometimes my attitude gets the best of me.

I typed two reports and corrected one today in between all of the interruptions. I left work 45 minutes late. Oh well, at least I got the judge's reports under his door so he can review them tomorrow. I am going to have to go in for a little bit tomorrow even though we have the day off. I have too much work to do.

I think I am getting a cold or sinus infection. Can't tell right now.

The Boy is still downstairs watching the television show that I told him he could not watch. Doctor's orders. No television or video games at least one hour before bed. Too much brain stimulation. Besides the boy still has homework and a test to study for. He also needs a shower. He is going to be a whopping 12 tomorrow and does he ever think he is hot stuff.

The three year old thinks my bed is a trampoline. He can't wait until I get home. He wants to go right upstairs.

A miracle has happened in my house. The man that lives here wanted a leaf blower/mulcher and a wet/vac for his birthday. I think he has been listening to me too many times because I have been asking for both of them for two to three years. He got both of them for his birthday and shockingly enough, he used them both today and referred to them as his toys. I always thought his privates would fall off if he even touched anything like that, but then again he is doing dishes by hand. If he ever starts washing the sinks and toilets, I am going to have to check myself into the psych ward because I will be hallucinating.

Several years ago, we acquired a client that drives me nuts. He is the brother of a grade school friend of mine, he is one of ten kids I think. They whine, talk big, and this kid told me he had rights and should be let out for work release. Well, little did he know that once he violated the law he belonged to our department and lost a lot of his rights. He and and couple of his brothers have always been in the drug selling business. One of his older brothers was a very nice, bright young man until drugs and alcohol caught up to him. He now has to have home health care and looks like he does not have a brain anymore. This kid sold drugs to one of our clients and the client died. Anyhow, we sent this guy to prison. Now he is coming out. I think he feels we are part of the Friends for Life Program so he calls my office three or so times a day. Today he was telling me that he was going to be coming into town a couple of days early. I told him that the people at the program where he currently is must have his travel arrangements made. We would have nothing to do with that. Then he made a few more stupid comments. is going to be a long 2 years.

Time for bed. Night night.


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