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Gremlin Day

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on October 8, 2010 - 6:45pm

7:35A Drop The Boy off at school. Go to Walmart to get him two more liquid pencils by Sharpie that only cost $2.00 each; a bag of mints for his desk; pantihose and a short sleeved shirt for me. I did not like the long sleeve shirt I had on.
7:55A Leave Walmart parking lot. Looked and waited and waited and looked. Pulled out as I did not see anyone coming. I heard a loud horn. I almost hit another vehicle. A little red SUV. Where it came from I don't know. Got to school at 8A, talked to the teacher for 20 minutes, went to the bakery and bought two frosted cinnamon roles that weigh about 4 pounds each.
8:20A Got to work, only 20 minutes late!, went into the restroom to change my shirt and put on my pantihose. Happy with the shirt. Started putting on the pantihose and my thumb nail went right through. So I had a hole and a run in my brand new pantihose.
9:30A Call from female client who said she let a man she hardly knew in her apartment last night. He bit her in the neck and beat her up. Agent went to the man was in jail. She apparently punched him in his "privates" so she got even a little. She is not one of our most intelligent clients. Chances are they were going to share drugs and things got out of hand. Happens in their world.

My morning was somewhat uneventful. I finished a report, answered the agents questions, answered the phones for a change and then it was time for lunch!

12 Noon Went online to look at the computers advertised in the Staples flier. I found the laptop I wanted, called Staples. They said it must have been on clearance because they did not have one in the store and it appeared it could not be ordered. "Come into the store and talk to Tyler". So, off I go to the other end of town to look at a laptop. I had my timing organized in my head. Check the laptop price at Staples, go to the bank to get the money, go to school to get Scrip, go back to Staples and buy the laptop. All in all it would take maybe 20 minutes. I waited for "Tyler" for 30 minutes and left. It was now 12:45. I did not have a laptop going home with me tonight, no money from the bank, no Scrip from the school. I went to the doctors to pick up my prescription. I was at the front doors and a woman stopped me asking if her doctor would be found in this building, "Yes" I told her. She said, "Wait a minute" and she walked in with me. "Are you wearing a uniform?" "No", I said. "Oh, I thought you were one of the Sisters who work at this hospital. Do they still wear their habits? Most of the Sisters now don't wear habits anymore. That is why I thought you were one of them." I showed her where her doctor's office was and headed up the stairs to my doctor's office. I was up two stairs and a man looked up at me, "Is there someone working at the desk?" He was referring to the volunteer information desk. 'Well, there should be someone there in just a minute. The desk light is on." I said to him and up the stairs I went. I only had to wait 5 minutes and got my prescription from the receptionist who knows me so well that I don't even have to tell her my name. That is scary. Went to Shopko to drop off prescription.
1:30P Back to work. Started copying my report. The copy machine jammed. Not once, but twice. I finally got the report copied and I noticed that one of the pages was missing. Went back to my office, copied the page that was missing, unstapled the report, added the page and stapled it back up.
2P Got a call from one of our agents reporting that her GPS clients was at work, put his GPS on the ground while he helped the Coca Cola driver unload cases of pop. The driver got into the truck and ran over the GPS unit. Now it is nothing but plastic crumbs. I laughed until my stomach hurt.
2:45P The Man called me and said that The Boy wanted to be picked up at 3:30 at school. I called the sitter to let her know. She was already at school waiting for him because on Friday he does not stay after for tutoring. He gets out at 2:30. She went in to check on him. Next the phone rang. It was the sitter. The Boy was supposed to stay after school to do some work, but left anyway.
3:30 Got a call from the pharmacy. The doctor who was filling in for my doctor, had me taking one tablet a day instead of two. I had to call the doctor and get a new script or get another one in two weeks and pay another $10 for copay. Called the doctor's office and the nurse apologized for their mistake. I told her it was going to cost me another $10 and she knew I was angry. So be it.
3:40 Delivered report to the Judge and Prosecutor; started new report, ran LEIN for agent.
4P One by one they leave for the weekend. Time to get postage on a large, 2lb envelope. Must get to Post Office before 5:30. Put all the stamps on and out the door for the weekend at 5:20. First stop was the Post Office. Waited for 5 minutes to get my envelope weighed. I was short 2 cents. The postal worker, Roy, gave me a hard time. Okay - paid 2 cents. Went to get my script. Then decided I should browse in JoAnn Fabrics. Only spent $13.00 and that is a miracle in itself.
8p Home - The Boy was on his way to his friends to spend the night.

There are a lot of in between things that I can't remember. It was like the little rotten gremlins took over my day and everything was wrong.


I am a little tired. I think I will go to bed. Tomorrow morning I am cleaning and in the afternoon The Boy, his friend and my friend are going to The Pumpkin Patch to go through a corn stalk maze, ride on the wagon and have a got dog or two. Might even buy a pumpkin. The little guy is gone for the weekend so the little entertainer will not be with us. He did tell me last week that pumpkins are mean and bite people. He said one of them bit him and he punched it. He said the pumpkin scratched his eyes and he had blood going down his face, on his hands, by his mouth and it even came out of his penis. I almost wet my pants. SO, BEWARE ALL PUMPKIN PATCH PICKERS. THOSE PUMPKINS CAN BE VICIOUS.

Night Nite - Hilde and Jan.....................Sweet dreams


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