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Imagination Plus

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on October 7, 2010 - 8:56pm

The Toddler wore his Spiderman costume to the store last night. I laughed so hard. He had a hard time putting the hamburger up on the counter because he is just a little guy. I told him he must be very strong because he finally did it. He said, 'Yook at my muscles. I am strong." So, he can say his "L's" very well. He's funny. He has hair like Josh. He ran around saying "Spiderman to the rescue. Here I come!"


I don't admit fearful stress too often on the job, but today I did. I could feel a long of tension, anger and frustration among the clients. We have several that are dangerous and would probably fire off a gun if they had a chance. Mixing angry clients with drugs such as Ritalin is bad. Hopefully we will not have any violators over the night.


I listened to an interview Josh had in 2007 at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee,Wisconsin - just 4 hrs. from my home. And...No, I could not make it to the concert. His interview was wonderful. He was so gracious and humble three years ago and has not seemed to change. He has awesome parents who did a great job raising he and his brother Chris. It also helps that he was raised in LA and both parents seemed to have a good income based on the jobs they had/have.

Josh is very excited because he has 200,000 followers. That is a lot of people. Just think of how many choirs he could make out of 200,000 people. He could have Grobanite choirs from around the world.


Time to put the clothes in the dryer and get to bed. 6:15 a.m. comes fast and that is when my day begins. Good thing it is Friday tomorrow because I am very tired. It's been a rough week.

Night nite!

Good night Jan and Hilde................


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