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Josh Desktop & More

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on November 7, 2010 - 6:29pm

Okay....I am starting this again. I am not used to my new laptop and there is a magical combination of keys that makes whatever I am doing disappear.

Josh's desktop quips are great. The one that made me laugh the most as a creepy touch. "Hey, lady" is the one. Years ago, one of our "a little off" clients came in while the other secretary was typing and did not see her. The client leaned across her desk, went right in her face with the big brown eyes and yelled, "Hey, lady", just like Josh. Hmmmmmmmm..... just a little creepy.

I love it when people talk in their sleep. Even though it is probably not a good thing, I carried on a conversation with a sleeping one and went along with their dream. Interesting.

The Toddler, who is a turbulant three continues to crack me up. He loves to wash his trucks and cars. He had a small container with plain water and a small container with soapy water, both sitting on a towel. All of a sudden, he came out with the fingernail brush and started washing his ride-on giraffe seat and said it was weelie weelie wusty. It is plastic. I smiled, he washed and he went onto his next project. He came out of the bathroom with a a brand new toothbrush. I asked him where he found the toothbrush. He said it is for washing the sink. He said "I got it about 6 years ago. I went with David on the 4-wheeler and there were no mommies. Papa had an orange truck and we went to the old house far away." Now that is very interesting. One toothbrush created that big story and it did not have an ounce of truth in it. Ohhh the creative minds of little ones. They also listen when you don't think they are listening. My father is a good one for looking at his grandchildren that are causing a little disturbance and saying "You better watch it mister or I'm going to send you to the moon." Tonight The Toddler and The Boy were going at it again. The Toddler looked at The Boy, pointed his finger and said "You, Mr. David are going to go to the moon if you don't top that." (He has a hard time with some of the letters of the alphabet.) I probably should be recording these kids.

I find it very interesting to listen to the Toddler's mother on occasion as she is trying to reason with him (there is no such thing), especially when he is tired. Now most adults who have any child rearing common sense knows that when a child is getting a little "iffie" as my grandmother would say, there is usually something wrong such as maybe they are tired, bored, hungry or all three combined. Rather than try to figure out what the problem is within a matter of seconds by looking at the time or their demeanor, they start yelling a the little one who becomes defiant or defensive. Then a big argument starts. The little one ends up getting a time out. However, once in a while the child is just plain horrible for that moment.

I hope all who attended Josh's performances last night and tonight had an awesome time. I am sick with jealously, but that is what happens when: #1. You are not wealthy enough to take off at a drop of a hat and fly wherever and/or #2. You live very far away. I qualify for both. I'll survive, but I definitely will whine a lot.

Time to get a snack and check out the Cowboys and the Packers.


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