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on January 1, 2010 - 9:04pm

Living in a small town has its ups and downs, especially for those of us who work in the law enforcement field. Take for example the felons we see over and over again. Years ago, I remember one day taking a walk with my friend during a noon hour summer day. All of a sudden I hear, "Hey Kath, I'm up here!" Sure enough, one of our felons was hanging half out of his upper apartment window waving at me. My friend said, "That's it. We can't even take a walk downtown." A few years later, the same friend and I decided to go to a garage sale. We walked toward the house, I recognized the home owner as a client of ours, turned right around and walked to the car. My friend did not see me go the other way so she was talking to NOBODY all the way to the house. I laughed so hard. She said, "That's it. Can't even go to a garage sale. Now you have to get a wig and sunglasses."

From time to time, I get whammed hard. A well known man who is a school teacher, athletic coach for many years, recreation director in two cities. Wonderful parents. He is married and lives in a very beautiful, big house, and has very nice, expensive vehicles. One of the students told the principal that this coach was inviting him to his camp to go in the sauna-undressed. There are more victims, more stories. It is so sick and very sad. He had to go home the other day and tell his wife that he has to move out of their home because they live in a school safety zone.

On a lighter note, a man came to my desk and told me he talked to Casius Clay through his belt buckle. If I had coffee in my mouth, it would have come out my nose - I swear.

Aside from the criminal side of life, working across from the mens room was always funny. Finding out that the noises being heard while using the bathroom in the janitor's office was the former county clerk and his secretary having 'sex' in the room next door. Or, a co-worker coming back to work late from lunch with one of the clerk's in the building. If her skirt wasn't crooked, nobody would ever have known...... Oh, the bathroom in the janitor's office? We worked for 18 years in the basement and there was not a womans rest room, so we used the janitor's room if nobody was in there.

Just when you think you have heard it all and then wham! Gotcha.....



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