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Risk Taking Adventures - Part #1

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on January 4, 2010 - 11:11pm

Many years ago, I made a list of everything I wanted to do in my lifetime and I'm not doing too bad.

It all started when I was a senior in high school. One of my first adventures was taking beginning Belly Dancing lessons. The more I learned, the more fun I had. We designed and made our own costumes. One of my friends and I ended up in advanced classes with a different instructor, Merry (not joking). Did I mention we were naive? Okay.......... As time went on, we became good friends with our instructor. She was very talented. One evening she came to class and asked if any of the students were interested in performing professionally at a new dance club/bar. Well, of course my hand went up. I was game.. I was 20 years old and it sounded like fun. I did mention I was naive... There were three of us; the instructor, another student and myself. Our instructor said if the owner liked us, he would hire us to perform on occasion and the money was very good.

It was the big loyal supporters were there, and my boyfriend (now husband). The place was packed. I was scared to death. The only other time I performed before a public audience was for my piano recitals. The crowd liked us.

A few days after our 'stunning' performance, the building burned to the ground. That was the end of my Belly Dancing career. Oh....we performed on November 15th. Some of you may not know what that 'blessed' date is, but around where I live, it is the opening day of deer season and men go crazy like wild dogs in heat. Men come from all over the state to come up hunting (not necessarily deer). Told you I was naive.

The relationship with Merry continued. My friend and I went to her apartment (3rd stinking floor of a house) a couple of times for dinner, but there was one evening in particular that was more special......! Merry prepared some Japanese food, I only remember seaweed balls-not good! She talked about her boyfriend who was an airline pilot who was Japanese. She talked about waking up in the morning and he would leave a couple hundred dollars on her night stand. Then she mentioned the champagne she served her boyfriend and a couple of his co-pilots and how they left a few dollars for her. As the evening went on, she talked about how she, or her roommate rather, paid the rent by cooking for these pilots. My friend and I looked at each other and I said, "Oh my gosh - she's a hooker. We have to get out of here." The pilot was her pimp of sorts.

After that hooker/pimp incident, my friend and I branched off to teaching a six week class ourselves. We had six female students. By the end of six weeks, all but two were cheating on their husbands and eventually moved out and divorced. I did feel bad.

I did not see Merry for a while after that, but one day she knocked on my door selling peanut brittle for her church. I found out she was living a block away from me with her 2 yr. old son. The baby's father was a doctor she had an affair with. She finally ended up getting married and having another son, divorced and remarried, went to college and became an elementary school teacher.

Time for bed.

Stay Tuned...................



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